Airbearing turntable system

Recreating a symphonic orchestra or an opera, featuring eighty or more artists, in all its magnificence, dynamics and musicality in the surroundings of one’s home is not a simple task. From my early years I am convinced that only the analogical system is capable of reproducing music at such a high musical level. What is more, if the turntable is designed in such a way that the movable mechanical parts do not touch each other and thus eliminate micro vibrations and mechanical friction, then such an analogical system will in addition to great musicality reproduce a sound image of natural size and depth, all due to the transfer of sound velocity and the highest frequencies.



• airbearing turntable with integral linear tracking airbearing tonearm

• very simple to adjust and operate

• leveling the base with  adjustable vibration isolation feet

• the most important thing; for the best channel separation thetonearm must allow the settings of all angles of the stylus, easy and repeatable:

• SRA Stylus Rake Angle

• VTA  while playing a record

• Azimuth angle

• precise adjustment of the tracking force

• (lateral) leveling tonearm to the record and tangency

• pitch control

• electronic switching between speeds (33 1/3 & 45 rpm)

• compact and stylish


Technical specifications:



– Airbearing design

– dc motor

– beltdriven

– Aluminium platter 5 kg

– Airbearing 2,16 kg

Dimensions: 430 x 400 x 150 (W x D x H)

Total weight: 12 kg

Power supply: 110V-240V / 50hz-60hz 2 W



Linear tracking airbearing tonearm

  –  aluminium alloy/carbon

  – effective  length 163 mm

  –  effective vertical mass 7,5 g

  –  total tonearm mass 31,6 g


– azimut

– leveling

– vta +/- 7 mm

Wire: high quality silver/copper litz



Power consumption : 10 W


Dimensions: 225 x 147 x 120

Weight:1,8 kg